Materiality & Method: A Small Works Fiber Show

Please join us on Sunday, September 8th from 4 - 6 pm for the opening reception of Materiality & Method a small works fiber show organized by Textile Arts Los Angeles in conjunction with Textile Month in September 2019. The exhibition will be on view at Daniella Carter’s architectural studio Pretty Smart in Long Beach, CA, through Saturday, October 5th, 2019.

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Fiber is a fluid medium that allows artists to approach their work in many ways. This exhibition focuses on the intersection of process and material, and how every artist addresses these ideas in their work. Featuring artists’ work that uses innovative methods that manipulate, re-imagine and transcend our understanding of material.

Renae is pleased to be showing a wall sculpture entitled “The Noise Got Too Loud” made with cheesecloth, sodium chloride, dead sea salts, cardboard, and resin alongside a group of featured textile artists: Peggy Weidemann, Carlyn Clark, Sandy Abrams, Eva Rabin, Susan Maddux, Michael Rohde, Gwen Samuels, Polly Giacchina, Penny Collins, Joanna Stott, Lydia Tjioe Hall, Elise Vazelakis, Anne M Bray, Tamara Tolkin, Anna Zinsmeister, Dellis Frank, Barbara Klare, Claudia Zhao, Jamia Weir, and Brittany Wittman McLaughlin.

The Noise Got Too Loud. 10”W x 9”L x 3.5”D. Cheesecloth, sodium chloride, dead sea salts, cardboard, resin (2019).

The Noise Got Too Loud. 10”W x 9”L x 3.5”D. Cheesecloth, sodium chloride, dead sea salts, cardboard, resin (2019).

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Open Studio Showcase Review

Open Studio Showcase Review

Fine artist Renae Barnard opened the doors to her private studio location in Los Angeles for an exclusive showcase Sunday, May 27th. Invitees were the first to preview recently completed works by the artist.


Working through a variety of mediums, Barnard's studio is thoughtfully curated with paintings, sculptures, and installations. Her latest work includes paintings and sculptures made with salt. This mineral inclusion creates natural formations and crystalline surface qualities when combined with paint.

Throughout the event, Barnard generously shares insights into her artistic process and material explorations with guests.

Her multi-media works incorporate recycled materials from the furniture manufacturing industry to create sculptural foundations for painting. The organic formations and layered textures reference natural earthen elements and minerals. A gem-like color palette of low-VOC paints was specially provided by Dunn-Edwards in support of this eco-conscious project.

The artist displays her collection of gemstones; a personal vignette of inspiration for these new works.

"Many of my sculptures are worked within inches of collapse and reflect my attraction to the imperfect and aged" says Barnard. This is a recurring theme seen throughout the artist's body of work. Her latest sculptures also experiment with paint and salt, and are displayed in crumbling volcanic formations. The fractured surfaces reveal saturated colors and tectonic layering.

Illuminated installations by Renae Barnard add ambiance to the intimate studio space. Made from recycled plastic sheeting, the artist knots and drapes the materials into cloud-like sculptures. The lightweight material floats above guests heads with a soft glow.

The event was well attended by private collectors, local journalists and close colleagues of the artist. A quick walk-through of the studio showcase featured artworks at every turn. The diversity of media and artistic process reveal Barnard's pleasure of the hand-made.


Mauveine State a paper sculpture on display by the artist was meticulously dip dyed by hand to reveal the delicacy of each layer. Barnard often pushes the limits of materials in her own works to reveal their delicacy and transience. Her intrinsic approach delights in the tactility and decadence of making in a way that viewer's are immediately drawn to.

Barnard has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Claremont Graduate University and is a recipient of the Sue Arlen Walker and Harvey M. Parker Memorial Fellowship, the Armory Center for the Arts Teaching Artist Fellowship, the Ahmanson Annual Fellowship, the Lincoln Fellowship Award and the Christopher Street West Art & Culture Grant.

Barnard has created site specific, socially engaged works and exhibited at local and international galleries/film festivals including Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Rutgers University, Towson University, Drake University, Harriet & Charles Luckman Gallery, SOMArts Gallery, Pete & Susan Barrett Gallery, LGBT Film Festival Boston, Long Beach LGBTQ Film Festival, Tampa International LGBTQ Film Festival, and the Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica among others. To learn more about Renae Barnard, please visit:


The Woven Tale Press Art Spotlight: Renae Barnard

Art Spotlight: Renae Barnard


See Renae Barnard’s work in WTP Vol. VI #4

Cleanse by Renae Barnard

paper and thread
9” x 13” x 6”
Renae Barnard is interested in exploring the network of interactions between perception, time, and the inadequacy of language. Much of her work grapples with what progress means, including changes in our environment, as well as changes in equality for women, LGBTQ people, and people of color. Barnard tries to propagate her own visions of “progress” by enabling others to connect and contribute to a collective commitment of kindness and compassion.

To see more of Renae Barnard's work visit:

Temporary Shelter: Renae Barnard's MFA Exhibition

For Immediate Release: April 8, 2015

Contact: Jennifer Gracia

(909) 621-8071| |  |


Exhibition:                  Temporary Shelter: MFA Thesis Exhibition of Artist Renae Barnard            

Dates:                          April 27- May 1, 2015, 10am-5pm

Opening Reception:    Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 6-8pm

Location:                     Claremont Graduate University, East Gallery

251 E. Tenth Street, Claremont, CA 91711


  Temporary Shelter: MFA Thesis Exhibition of Artist Renae Barnard


Claremont, CA –Claremont Graduate University presents Temporary Shelter: MFA Thesis Exhibition of Artist Renae Barnard, a solo exhibition of sculpture and installation.  Many of Barnard’s sculptures are worked within inches of collapse. The meticulously folded, twisted and sewn objects are both destroyed by and reinforced with the repetitive gestures by which they are made.

Renae Barnard is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Los Angeles. Barnard’s work has been shown at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Harriet & Charles Luckman Gallery, Annenberg Community Beach House Gallery, Berkeley Art Center, SOMArts Gallery, Pete & Susan Barrett Gallery, Grace Albrecht Gallery, Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, Peggy Phelps Gallery as well as screened at U.S. and international film festivals.

Barnard has been the recipient of many awards including but not limited to Outstanding Experimental Film, Sue Arlen Walker and Harvey M. Parker Memorial Fellowship, Armory Center for the Arts Teaching Artist Fellowship, Ahmanson Annual Fellowship, Christopher Street West Art & Culture Grant, Lincoln Fellowship Award and the Pasadena Arts Council Fiscal Sponsorship.  Barnard has spoken about her work at the Open Engagement Conference at the Queens Museum, NY, The Long Beach LGTBQ Film Festival, Shoshana Wayne Gallery and Los Angeles Municipal Gallery.


About Claremont Graduate University
The MFA program at Claremont Graduate University begins with the conviction that art is an enterprise that is intimately linked to the individuals who make it, often in ways that are not yet known to themselves or others. CGU is one of the seven members of the Claremont Consortium, which includes the five Claremont Colleges (Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps) as well as the Keck Graduate Institute. The faculty, facilities and resources of these world-class institutions are available to MFA students

In Situ: A Summer Exhibition at Shoshana Wayne Gallery

Summer Group Show 


Renae Barnard, Hazing Period, 2014

Renae Barnard, Vera Bauluz, Tofer Chin, Abdul Mazid, & Patch Wright


July 19-September 06, 2014

Reception July 19, 2014 5pm-7pm

Shoshana Wayne Gallery is pleased to present

In-Situ , a summer group exhibition by emerging Los Angeles artists never before shown at the gallery.  Working in a variety of mediums, the selected works by Renae Barnard, Vera Bauluz, Tofer Chin, Abdul Mazid, and Patch Wright offer an invitation to think about the relationship between place and identity and how the artists' hand and materials of choice are inextricably linked to critique.  Here, each artist either re-purposes, re-articulates, or re-imagines a given article and imbues it with new life and new meaning.

Renae Barnard creates a soft sculpture from paper, thread, and ribbon, materials, and tactility typically associated with women and ascribed little consequence in the world.  Each of Barnard's sculptures with their intricate twists, coils, folds, splits, and tears challenge the viewer to see beyond traditional and conventional modes of identity representation.

Vera Bauluz presents found objects (janitor's mops, brooms, and shoes) that alone have little meaning to the world aside from signifying another's undesirable labor. Bauluz covers these heavily coded objects with gold leaf and at once blurs the distinction between the mundane and the worthless with that of beauty and value.

Tofer Chin explores the relationship between architecture and the natural world, illuminating ease and delicacy in the angular and rigid with his paintings and sculptures.  As part of an ongoing series, Chin's re-imagined stalagmites symbolize living and breathing beings in an environment.  They command attention while at the same time blending into their surroundings alluding to the contentious relationship between humans and nature.

Abdul Mazid is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist who selects materials already imbued with heavy symbolism (sports collectibles, glitter, razor wire, Middle Eastern rugs, etc.) and re-works them until they have a specified social and political meaning.  For Mazid, born to a Syrian father and Mexican mother in California, identity and place inform much of his work. Mazid's singular coupling of mediums and ideas reflects his own experience of hybridity.

Patch Wright works in the realm of the mysterious creating objects that are simultaneously familiar and otherworldly.  The chasm between the viewer's perception/experience and the artist's work is precisely space from which Wright finds strength.  Demonstrating mastery over his materials, Wright pushes up against all conditions of possibility morphing the grotesque into the beautiful and the minute into the colossal.

For more information, please contact Alana Parpal

Home Makers? An Exhibition of 25 Women Artists In & Around an East LA Underground Tunnel


July 12, 2014 6:00pm-10:00pm

Los Angeles (May 1, 2014)

Presenting more than 75 works by 22 female artists,

HOME MAKERS? is the first Los Angeles exhibition to highlight women makers in a setting free from the hierarchies that segregate fine arts and crafts. Curated by Renae Barnard, this exhibition connects women artists from diverse communities directly with visitors for one night only:

Saturday, July 12 from 6:00pm-10: 00 pm.

Operating outside the traditional art market, the exhibition will take place in an underground tunnel in East Los Angeles and provide 100% of sales directly to the participating artists. The tunnel walls will feature photography by Leila May, Maria Garcia-Clark and Cathleen Parra, paintings by Alice Maldonado, Elwing Gonzales, and Nicole Reyes, illustrations by Cheryl Angel and Olivia Healy-Mirkovich, and sculptural fiber works by Renae Barnard, Fang Li, Jacqueline Meyers-Cho, Kin Chen and Vanessa Fry.

The above ground intersection will be temporarily closed to traffic allowing for installation artists Diana Madriaga, Debbie Carlson, Jaklin Romine, and Olga Lah to take over the street. Ceramicists Sharon Hardy and Sarah Hagen will be hosting vignettes of their work above ground alongside fiber artist Cara Mullinary, Julie Roth and Julie Kornblum and sculptors/ jewelry designers Terina Nicole and Robin Little. Master of Ceremonies Rebekkah Waites will be spinning tunes all evening and introducing an exceptional performance by Jessica Ceballos at 7:30 pm.

General Information:

Cypress Village Tunnel 3400 N. Figueroa Street Los Angeles CA 90042

Saturday, July 12th 6-10pm.

Street parking on Figueroa. Loreto Street closed to traffic.

Admission: Free of charge





SAVE THE DATE: JULY 12TH 2014 (6-10PM)

Home Makers?

An exhibition in cooperation with the Cypress Village Art Walk. Located in an underground tunnel and the surrounding intersection of Figueroa and Loreto Streets in Los Angeles.

Most people think of home as a building or structure. Some call a city or a country home, while others struggle with homelessness or ultimately resolve that home is merely a feeling.

What defines a homemaker and how does our understanding of this role impact gender norms? Visual Artists and Performers will investigate these themes. A roster of included artists and performers is coming soon! Stay tuned!

The primary sponsors are Antigua Coffee House and Fine Art Solutions. Renae Barnard is curating the event.